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信息 Technology & 地理信息系统

Mission Statement

With emphasis on constituent transparency, utilizing a customer service oriented approach; Saginaw County 信息 Technology (IT) will partner with Saginaw County 部门 and Elected Officials and local governmental units to design and 实现 streamlined processes, functions and capabilities. The underlying premise being focus areas of efficiency and effectiveness, minimizing costs while delivering quality, timely outcomes. IT will provide critical systems analysis, 研究, troubleshooting, and process improvements while striving always to exceed expectations.

信息 Technology of Saginaw County’s (ITSC) role within Saginaw County is to design, 实现, 管理, and support 信息, 网络, Communication, Application and 地理信息系统 Systems. These are foundational Saginaw County resources deployed in support of the full range of Saginaw County projects and services.

Modern solutions and users at all levels, both inside and outside of the organization, demand that immediate access to information be open, 有组织的, 有意义的, and accessible. ITSC is responsible for leading Saginaw County to the best possible solutions for data-driven decisions, public transparency, and creating the platforms on which future services and solutions can be built. 


  • Collaborate with departments and users to understand their goals and resources while balancing each department’s needs with the overall needs of Saginaw County.
  • Establish and maintain trust with our users and our constituents.
  • Develop systems which are sustainable, scalable, secure, adaptable, and easy to use.
  • Build integrated solutions on common platforms which maximize investments, create seamless connections, and encourage collaboration.
  • Design systems that embrace flexibility in commanding vast amounts of data from a multitude of sources.
  • Harness information in innovative ways to produce useful insights and services.
  • Make ITSC a destination employer for top talent.

How We Do It

  • Empower staff within an agile model to define and direct Saginaw County information technology projects with direct engagement of the business, ensuring that they are on track and on budget for completion.
  • Define systems and projects with Total-Cost-of-Ownership metrics.
  • Ensure continuity of operations for critical Saginaw County systems with redundancy, both within our network and remotely hosted systems as well as hardware and software systems while employing security techniques at pace with evolving risks.
  • Provide self-service solutions to enable users to develop their own business intelligence models.
  • Maintain software and hardware Lifecycle Management strategies ensuring users are supported with up-to-date, high performance, best in class technology.
  • Develop and adapt systems in an increasingly dynamic, 复杂的, and demanding environment by focusing on agility, 经验, 韧性, and commitment.
  • Remain technologically current by attracting, developing and retaining world-class innovative IT professionals, and 实现ing emergent information systems.


111 South Michigan Ave
Saginaw, MI 48602

IT Service Desk
(989) 790-5290